Клинт Годфри (Clint Godfrey). Очки годфри

Лорд Годфри - НИП - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Hollowed

Replaces Arugal as the last boss of Shadowfang Keep in Cataclysm.

Комментарий от vindurza

i want his hat

Комментарий от Latias714


1. Summons a few weak adds. Easily aoe'd.

2. Shoots at a random party member. 50k damage at first, then a DoT if not decursed. 1 sec cast if you manage to catch it, I know I was on my toes as a fury warrior for the damage boost.

3. Pistol barrage. Cone aoe you can easily avoid.

Комментарий от Blueprint

Is this guy supposed to be Van Helsing? Going by Pistol Barrage and the outfit.

Комментарий от krille007

any relations to mayor godfrey, the NPC who is being exorcised to know of kelthuzads plans in dragonblight?

Комментарий от Balthus93

This one isn't the Mayor Godfrey back from Dragonblight.

Комментарий от Shadock

2. Shoots at a random party member. 50k damage at first, then a DoT if not decursed. 1 sec cast if you manage to catch it, I know I was on my toes as a fury warrior for the damage boost.

Haha when I first saw this in game, I was all "AMG LAZOR BEAMZ" in party chat

Комментарий от simplicitylett

He is the enemy of grammar, too. At least, I think so. When you kill him he says:"I thank you for the clean death. I would not of done the same."I may be wrong, but isn't it "I would not HAVE done the same."?

Комментарий от Mornay

he must play wow :P

Комментарий от TehFacroller2000

"So that [email protected]#$% Sylvanas sent you too?"

Well, this game IS rated "T"...

Комментарий от Ashrok

Since he kills Sylvanas in one of the final quests in Silverpine and escaping to the Shadowfang keep he takes the place of Arugal as said above.Thankfully Sylvanas gets rezzed soon after by the 3 valkyrs sacrificing themselves.

Every Forsaken(/Horde player who values the Lore) will unleash his revenge upon Godfrey at Shadowfang keep.

Комментарий от Kciroj

Hope he becomes the next Anub'Arakh, in terms of re-appearances. - WTB Godfrey as a raid boss. ^_^

Oh dear...

"Shadowfang Keep was merely a set-back!"

Комментарий от Bladegon

By arcadiaware 2 days ago (Patch 4.0.3)He's too powerful. He one-shot Sylvanas.

What's his power level?IT'S OVER 9000!

Комментарий от sulfur1

pls give link to this set

Комментарий от Atik

What? Over 9000? That's IMPOSSIBLE!

I loved this fight. But beware the pistol barrage. Make sure NOONE stays in the cone, it can easily rip a well-geared warrior to shreds.

Комментарий от BroskiDK

2. Shoots at a random party member. 50k damage at first, then a DoT if not decursed. 1 sec cast if you manage to catch it, I know I was on my toes as a fury warrior for the damage boost.

Further elaborating on this, it is an effect called Cursed Bullets. After a few wipes in Heroic SFK, I found that he likes casting it 2 times per attack rotation.

He will cast this directly after Pistol Barrage, and again 10-15 seconds after that. For example:

Raise GhoulsPistol BarrageCursed Bullets10-15 seconds elapsedCursed BulletsRinse and repeat

I found that knowing this made Cursed Bullets, with its quick cast time, easier to catch. Knowing when to expect it made all the difference between our wipes and our kill.

Комментарий от TheAmadaun

This fight is extremely easy on heroic mode.

Nobody stand in front of him except the tank. Kill the adds. When he turns for Pistol Barrage, move behind him.

If you could get past the first and third bosses, Godfrey is a joke.

Комментарий от Shiralol

Pistol Barrage seems to do almost no Damage at the Moment.

At last this is what i've seen today..

Комментарий от Chanak

Today on heroic he was stacking mortal wound, and it was getting unhealable fairly quickly.

To get around this, we just had to have the tank move a little during pistol barrage.

(Mortal wound is 8 seconds, Pistol barrage is 6 seconds, so he didn't have to move far)

Комментарий от Isilvara

There is nothing wrong with his grammar, no. It's a perfectly acceptable sentence in older forms of English.

As an example, it is perfectly fine to say "I would have you bring me proof" as well as "I'd like for you to get out and bring me back some proof."

Комментарий от Isilvara

I know what he insinuated, and I am saying that no, Godfrey was not gramatically incorrect. "Would of" is not modern English, but it is still correct English.

Комментарий от Spondoo

When I saw this guy the 1st thing I thought of was:'Challenge me, when you're ready to duel a God'Justice is the most bad assed Gunslinger.

Комментарий от DrPwnage

When he called Sylvanas a $%^&*I was like "Oh No He Di`nt

Комментарий от anathama

I had completed this boss a couple days ago without too much trouble, but when I tried tonight, we kept failling. After trying several different strategies, all wiping around 30-40%, we decided to try and two heal it.

That made all the difference to our group, and even with the two remaining dps pulling under 6k each, we managed to down the boss without so much as a party member dipping below 50%.

Hope this helps, and good luck ;)

Комментарий от iamrock281

On heroic difficulty tonight this guys was the easiest to heal other than Lord Walden. My holy pally is geared in mostly 333 with some 349 in key slots, (chest, hands, legs). Our only decurser was the tank so he couldnt do it. I got down to about 5% mana and everyone around 50% health when the boss dropped. If you have melee dps and they are stacking behind, use 3 HPow LoD to heal them all up, and the heals from that will help alot with the tank staying up. also you can switch your beacon to the cursed player if you can't decurse, I only did this at the end because the hunter was cursed and everyone else was in range for LoD. hope this helps the other holy pallies out there that are having mana issues.

Комментарий от thecooldude

How do you defeat him on easy. I am a lvl 19 paladin (tank) and me and my group din't manage it till we gave up on the 5th time cuz my stuff was brocken.

Plz tell me how to kill him quick without everyone dieing.

Paladinodude =)

Комментарий от tidusx99

Learn how to go repair your gear before you try next time. And maybe, just maybe, you'll have some luck.

Комментарий от alexiel

Split Level StratHealer and Ranged DPS:Jump onto the small stone wall where you first enter the room - this will allow you to heal and DPS the boss without taking damage from his AoE frontal attack Pistol Barrage. Make sure to decurse his Cursed Bullets.

Tank and Melee DPS:Aggro him, and then bring him down below from where he is standing onto the hay on the lower level. When tanking him, face the boss towards the wall. Dodge his AoE frontal attack Pistol Barrage.

Комментарий от Aranian

His Cursed Bullets Ability is interruptable. It is a very quick cast though, so stay on your toes. As a Warrior is was able to (try to) interrupt it every time as it seems to have a 10 second cooldown. Decursers still need to dispel any that come through as fast as possible.

Комментарий от AcerosAU

nasty fight if there's no one in your group to decurse. Interrupters need to be on their toes with Cursed Bullet, it's on a 1 second cast time. I found that he does a Cursed Bullet right after his pistol barrage, so when he's almost done with it, get ready with the interrupts.

Комментарий от parazyte

He's too powerful. He one-shot Sylvanas.

nerf Lord Godfrey!

Комментарий от Tuarceata

http://www.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/couldof.htmlThis is one of those errors typically made by a person more familiar with the spoken than the written form of English. A sentence like “I would have gone if anyone had given me free tickets” is normally spoken in a slurred way so that the two words “would have” are not distinctly separated, but blended together into what is properly rendered “would’ve.” Seeing that “V” tips you off right away that “would’ve” is a contraction of “would have.” But many people hear “would of” and that’s how they write it. Wrong.

Note that “must of” is similarly an error for “must have.”

Awesome site :)

Комментарий от TheMopeSquad

Trying this for the first time tonight the only real problem was dealing with the healing debuff. After we figured out what was going on, after a few wipes, we just had the ret pally taunt him off the tank long enough for the debuff to fall off and it was easy as pie.

Комментарий от Catriona

Does Curse of Tongues work on the Cursed Bullet cast? This could help slow interrupters.

Комментарий от Albehl

First dungeon boss I've ever seen using profanity when you engage it. This is some hardcore stuff!

Комментарий от ohgeweldig

This is a terrible fight for disc priests to heal if there is no curse dispeller in the group.Many tanks will have mortal strike on them most of the time, forcing you to use a lot of Greater Heals on them, at the same time the curse will be on atleast one member doing huge damage(about 125k) . Because your are forced to change target a lot grace (24% more healing) wont be useable a lot.

My advice: Only use penance on the tank so you quickly restack graceOnly use Pain Suppressant on tank (because he will be damaged the whole duration)Use Pain SUppressant and PW:barrier only if 3 are being damaged at the same time.Keep Pw:shield only when safe, as the pw:s gcd + casttime of Greater heal are high enough together to get someone killed in the meantime.


Комментарий от Sora14

No, It's Stan Helsing!

Комментарий от Sora14

Really cool boss, but someone know he's outfit?

Комментарий от chaoslord92

Lord Vincent Godfrey is a renegade nobleman from Gilneas who opposed his king, Genn Greymane, after discovering that he and many of his people had been afflicted with the worgen curse. After committing suicide rather than acknowledge a worgen as his lord, Godfrey's body was recovered and reanimated by the Forsaken, but after turning on them as well, he fled into the abandoned ruins of Shadowfang Keep, where he and his followers remain. Taken from Wowwiki, but on my note apparently he is now the final boss in Shadowfang Keep which replaces the old boss Archmage Arugal, in which Arugal is no longer a boss in Shadowfang Keep, but his legacy will remain, as worgen death knights are said to be former servants of Arugal who escaped from Shadowfang and later became minions of the Lich King. Very interesting! I moved this comment from the page (for the heroic achieve for this guy's page) to this one, during the time the boss wasn't on the website. So the lore is now here.

Комментарий от SokoTheUnstable

Garrosh:" Shut your clever mouth, BlTCH! "Lord Godfrey:" That BlTCH Sylvanas Sent you, Didn't She? "So Sylvanas is Azeroth's Offical BlTCH Now?

Комментарий от LordSothe

The real question is why Alliance players would want to kill this guy. He shot Sylvanas in the head! We should be giving him a medal.

Комментарий от Aaro

I thought Godfrey KILLING Sylvanas, a major lore character, was beyond epic. It shows that when taken off guard, anybody can be killed, major character or non alike.

I also enjoyed that they made rezzing seem like a big deal. Everybody always QQ's when they see characters return to life, and while I agree it makes their actual death seem less significant, I think it goes more towards proving that the world of Azeroth treats death differently than reality. Death there is a "setback" -- it can only be permanent if the being that died was too powerful to be raised. Players are able to rez eachother for the same reason; it's not just a game mechanic, but it's how the game world works

Sylvanas also dying shows us that the Val'kyr are incredibly powerful, being able to raise Sylvanas after her "second death", even if they had to sacrifice themselves to do it (it'd only make sense -- she was able to hold off the Lich King and she wipes raids every day, so she's pretty damn strong).

Комментарий от Aaro

Awww... how the mighty have fallen. I remember when Kael was Azeroth's $%^&*. :(

Комментарий от Flametnl

Tempest's Keep Reach was merely a setback!

Комментарий от Nighteyes

it is possible (and frighteningly common) for the Mortal wound debuff to not fall away in pistol barage, causing the tank to get 2 sets of the debuff.. this leaves the tank at 80-90% reduced healing, and possibly at 100% if they are not already dead.

this is a glitch depending on exactly when the last stack is applied before he summons ghouls and does pistol barrage. If there is too little a gap between the last application of the debuff and the casting, then they will not fall off in time before he applies the next after the break. this may be due to specific group DPS's, a glitch, or just dumb luck.

Комментарий от 0xfeeddeadbeef

He is using Gilnean grammar.

Комментарий от Stormbeard

He called Sylvanas a @#$%^. ^&*[email protected]

Комментарий от Tidus158

This should be an easy fight for a restro shaman to heal on heroic assuming they have talent.

Комментарий от bramel

Is cursed bullets interruptible?

Комментарий от Nikkaszal

Interrupting Cursed Bullets is very doable - even on my Australian 400+ ping - when you know his pattern.

He will cast Cursed Bullets at two points:

1) Immediately after Pistol Barrage2) 10 seconds, maybe 11, after his previous one is cast or interrupted

What this means is that classes with a 10-sec CD interrupt can accurately predict when his fiendishly fast cast is coming. When Pistol Barrage ends I hit Mind Freeze straight away, safe in the knowledge that it'll catch the beginning of the CB cast. When Mind Freeze has 1 sec left on CD my finger is hovering over the button, ready to press it pretty much as soon as it's available.

Being able to interrupt this has two benefits. Firstly, it makes healing the fight an absolute joke for ANYONE, and keeping healers happy is very important in this expac. Secondly, when you interrupt every single one of a 1-sec cast over the duration of a fight, you can claim some pretty good bragging rights =D

Комментарий от Tampap

Godfrey likes to cast Magic Bullet every 10-12 seconds. As a fury warrior, Pummel has a 10 sec CD, so if you see that your Pummel is about to come off CD, expect a Magic Bullet soon, and he will ALWAYS cast Magic Bullet after Pistol Barrage

Комментарий от koimagheul

If you could get past the first and third bosses, Godfrey is a joke.

a common trend among cata heroics. several heroics end bosses are much easier than the first ones (stonecore, blackrock caverns, throne of the tides, halls of origination...)

Комментарий от Biggus1

I am uncomfortable with his name.

Комментарий от Basmothel

Don't tank him up against the wall. After 4.0.6 he properly faces a random direction when casting Pistol Barrage, if he's against the wall and targets a ranged player behind him, it will fill nearly the entire room with the barrage thanks to how wide the cone gets.

Комментарий от Kathucka

A paladin tank can make this easy.

Drop Consecration right as he starts to summon the ghouls.

Fire a Holy Wrath as soon as the ghouls are out. The ghouls are stunned in place in the Consecration. The rest of the party uses area-of-effect attacks to kill the ghouls. They'll probably all die. You'll have aggro on any that don't.

Run to the other side of the room. The travel time of the boss will allow the healing debuff to fall off of you before he can refresh it. As of 4.0.6, you'll have to make sure you avoid the pistol barrage as you do this, so it gets a bit harder.

As the pistol barrage is about to end, fire off an Avenger's Shield (or, as of 4.0.6, a Rebuke) to interrupt the Cursed Bullets. This has travel time, so you have to throw it before he finishes the Barrage. Have other interrupters available to help with this one, as it's not easy to hit that one-second window.

The cooldowns on his ghouls and your Consecration line up exactly. You should hit it ASAP when he starts on the ghouls, so that it's available next time around.

Комментарий от dongjinkim

The Pistol Barrage behaviour changed for 4.0.6.

He doesn't face the tank anymore, he picks a random direction and rotates.

The strategy that worked for us was to have him tanked near a wall, then we would all run around the corner to LoS the Pistol Barrage (which he did after the ghoul summons).

Комментарий от Phatrabbit

An npc model dual wielding pistols, hunters are next! /glee

Комментарий от SolidusDevilsaur

You must wear #2 Headband if you want to fight this guy.


Комментарий от vazhkatsi

Tanked this today, and came across a healer who just spouted abuse at me because he wasn't aware that the fight has changed a bit.

basically- godfrey used to cast barrage at the tank, who would simply strafe out of it. now however, he casts it at a random party member, and then at the last second switches it back to the tank. this means your group can't all stand together as said healer demanded they do.

Комментарий от Sacrolash

Oddly enough, he tends to be harder on Normal than on Heroic, provided the group isn't over-leveled, given that you most likely won't have the ability to dispel or interrupt Cursed Bullets, and some newer players don't know not to "stand in the fire" on Pistol Barrage.

Комментарий от Wasuremono

Found out something strange while running it on normal mode. If you try to drag him to different parts of the instance he will teleport you back to him and to his ghouls.

Комментарий от Azunyan

A warning for any long-range dps (or even healers)... do not stand on the small ledge in the southern part of the room (next to the staircase, easily accessed) while shooting at Lord Godfrey. I know it's tempting (and safe), but I've had one occasion where my Warlock suddenly phased through the wall after Lord Godfrey summoned his adds. I fell off the castle zone, with the add still following me. Lost a good amount of time for dps.

The only way I got back inside was when everyone else died, and I was teleported to Lord Godfrey's room automatically when the aggro shifted to me.

...we wiped, sadly. :(

Комментарий от Dangeren

A warning for any long-range dps (or even healers)... do not stand on the small ledge in the southern part of the room (next to the staircase, easily accessed) while shooting at Lord Godfrey. I know it's tempting (and safe), but I've had one occasion where my Warlock suddenly phased through the wall after Lord Godfrey summoned his adds. I fell off the castle zone, with the add still following me. Lost a good amount of time for dps.

The only way I got back inside was when everyone else died, and I was teleported to Lord Godfrey's room automatically when the aggro shifted to me.

...we wiped, sadly. :(

I can confirm this, all though when the dps did it, I (the tank) fell through the castle. Needless to say, the group wiped, then Godfrey came through the castle to the ground and killed me.

Комментарий от BuzzNWoody

Meh, okay, but no where near as cool as Arugal. I guess all good things come to an end...

Комментарий от Opticonite

Just have the casters stand next to the wall behind the stairs he comes down, as the tank pulls him down to the ground floor everyone else get behind him, casters standing next to that patrial wall on that area in the corner that looks like a pile of rocks. When he casts it wont hit you there. So if you make sure the healer and casters are standing up there you should finish him in no time, assuming you have a good tank.

Комментарий от Opticonite

Whatever you do do not stay on the top of the ledge you walked in on. Its beyond unsafe there.

Комментарий от Joodass

Using a Shamans Earth Elemental works well to pull the threat off the tank long enough for the tick to drop off. Also don't try to duck behind the stairwell on the right if the boss is pulled down. The Pistol Barrage goes through that wall as well.

Комментарий от mewmewface

thanks i was standing on the bad ledge, and i took ur advice was on the ground near the stones on the steps where he walks from, it was a good area

Комментарий от Balplayer7

He calls Lady Sylvanas a *[email protected]#$ when you begin the fight as a Horde. I found that amusing

Комментарий от darth603

Looks like there's been a patch recently; when standing on the ledge by the door, people keep getting teleported straight to where he's standing. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but it caused a string of wipes recently when people would just somehow get eleported to Lord Godfrey's platform.

Комментарий от Geecko

Is there any cloth set that´s like the one Godfrey has?

Комментарий от Zulraz

Why don't wowhead show how much HP he has?

Комментарий от SoggyPuddle

STAY OUT OF PISTOL BARRAGE!thankyou for your time...

Комментарий от bluceree

Godfrey closely reminds me of the villain "Justice" from the Afro Samurai anime.

They are both good at dual-wielding handguns. Wear pointy hats and dark flowing robes, etc.


Комментарий от LinkNordrassil

Sylvanas got pwnd by Lord Godfrey tho! Is there any sequence/ quest line where you see this happen and then the three valkyrs die to bring her back? How did that weakling Godfrey kill her anyway?

Комментарий от MABGamer6407

This guy apparently got a Nurf. He not only took out the Banshee queen in one hit, but also took out the 85 Elite Grunt just as easily.

He was a ? boss when in quests in Silver, but was put down to 20- an or 87 (In heroic) when encountered. Still, if your in a lv 20 run, a lv 85 elite near death at the entrance to his room, It would make more sense in a heroic to see that, but to a lv 20 que its a sight.

Комментарий от Gymlea

The map is incorrect. Lord Godfrey is always in up the stairs in the corner, and never down on the floor. You come in at the top of another set of stairs, and the ranged DPS should stand on the wall at the top of those stairs. After killing the trash the tank kites Godfrey down off his platform. Then when Godfrey pulls his pistols, and starts firing, he cannot hit any DPS because they are up out of the line of fire.

Комментарий от 0p3xh7

He has awesome Tranmogrification Set, I'm waitin sicnce cata blizz would make it possible to get, but they dont, WHY GOD WHY?

Комментарий от Lookoutordie

I made a cosplay character of this guy in the game bloodborne since there's a set that perfectly matches his armor :)

Комментарий от Myebika

He said @#$%^ tho


Клинт Годфри (Clint Godfrey) - рейтинг, новости, статистика боев, видео

Победа 11.26 = 8.66 + 2.6 Δ = очки за бой + бонус за сдачу Флойд Ходжес (Floyd Hodges) Rapid City Fight Night 1 Клинт Годфри vs Флойд Ходжес 01.06.2013 Сдача Удушение сзади 2 3:52 Победа 14.67 = 11.28 + 3.38 Δ = очки за бой + бонус за сдачу Чарли ДюБрей (Charlie DuBray) Battle at the Border 8 Чарли ДюБрей vs Клинт Годфри 15.01.2011 Сдача 1 1:59 Поражение -37.26 = -28.66 + -8.6 Δ = очки за бой + бонус за сдачу Майкл МакДональд (Michael McDonald) WEC 52 Такэя Мизугаки vs Урия Фабер 11.11.2010 Сдача Рычаг локтя 1 2:42 Поражение -29.88 = -29.88 Δ = очки за бой Вагней Фабиано (Wagnney Fabiano) WEC 46 Джейми Варнер vs Бенсон Хендерсон 10.01.2010 Решение Единогласно 3 5:00 Победа 20.74 = 11.52 + 3.46 + 5.76 Δ = очки за бой + бонус за сдачу + бонус за серию Джош Рейв (Josh Rave) Battle at the Border 3 Джош Рейв vs Клинт Годфри 19.12.2009 Сдача 3 2:34 Победа 7.13 = 5.09 + 2.04 Δ = очки за бой + бонус за серию Рокки Лонг (Rocky Long) SWC 9 Фрэнк Ортега vs Франциско Барраган 28.11.2009 Решение Единогласно 5 3:00 Победа 11.44 = 8.8 + 2.64 Δ = очки за бой + бонус за серию Джейсон Джорджна (Jason Georgianna) Vindication Клинт Годфри vs Джейсон Джорджна 26.09.2009 Решение Единогласно 3 5:00 Победа 21.27 = 14.18 + 4.25 + 2.84 Δ = очки за бой + бонус за сдачу + бонус за серию Рич Тейлор (Rich Taylor) Beatdown at 4 Bears 4 Крис Тачшерер vs Бранден Ли Хинкл 21.03.2009 Сдача 2 1:09 Победа 17.13 = 12.23 + 3.67 + 1.22 Δ = очки за бой + бонус за сдачу + бонус за серию Зак Вольф (Zach Wolff) Beatdown at 4 Bears 3 Джефф Монсон vs Джимми Эмбриз 11.10.2008 Сдача 2 4:01 Победа 14.78 = 14.78 Δ = очки за бой Коди Белл (Cody Bell) Sturgis 2008 Ред Клауд Анкуо vs Бен Фуимаоно 06.08.2008 Решение 3 5:00 Победа 20.71 = 15.93 + 4.78 Δ = очки за бой + бонус за сдачу Джош Рейв (Josh Rave) RW 19 Клинт Годфри vs Джош Рейв 17.11.2007 Сдача 1 4:38 Победа Ник Коттон (Nick Cottone) CFFC 4 Jonathan Helwig vs Ken Owens 13.04.2007 Сдача Рычаг локтя 1 4:11 Поражение Джон Додсон (John Dodson) ROF 27 Элвин Робинсон vs Рокки Джонсон 09.12.2006 Решение 2 5:00 Победа Рекс Пейн (Rex Payne) Ring Wars 6 Дэвид Мичод vs Джереми Харт 04.11.2006 Технический нокаут (Удар рукой) 1 1:28 Победа Эрик Перес (Eric Perez) GFS Нил Берри vs Крис Фонтейн 23.09.2006 Технический нокаут 1 1:33 Победа Лоренцо Кока (Lorenzo Coca) ROF 26 Дональд Серроне vs Джесси Брок 09.09.2006 Сдача 1 2:46


Очки Ray-Ban Kalichrome — FURFUR

Находка недели: Очки Ray-Ban Kalichrome — Культура на FURFUR

Солнечные очки как у Хантера Томпсона

  • 4 мая 2013 в 00:18
  • 33304

Отец гонзо-журналистики Хантер Стоктон Томпсон был из тех людей, что предпочитали в своем обиходе пару проверенных временем вещей и не изменяли им на протяжении всей своей жизни. Стать новым Томпсоном никому не под силу, но что-то перенять у мэтра американской журналистики вполне себе неплохая идея. В 1938 году Ray-Ban запустил серию солнцезащитных очков Shooter с двумя типами линз, один из которых — Kalichrome — и является героем сегодняшней рубрики.


Очки Ray-Ban Kalichrome

Находка недели: Очки Ray-Ban Kalichrome. Изображение № 1.

Ray Ban Kalichrome отличаются линзами желтого цвета (за счет добавления хромата калия), разработанными специально для туманной или пасмурной погоды, в том числе их ценили автолюбители за комфорт при управлении автомобилем в условиях плохой видимости. 

Неудивительно, что очки быстро стали популярны у путешественников и спортсменов-стрелков — желтые линзы помогают активировать солнечный свет за счет повышения его контрастности. 

Вторую волну популярности эти очки обрели после выхода картины «Страх и ненависть в Лас-Вегасе», где Джонни Депп был в образе журналиста Рауля Дюка, списанного с Хантера Томпсона. 


 Находка недели: Очки Ray-Ban Kalichrome. Изображение № 2.

Джонни Депп в ролиРауля Дюка


Интересные предложения

  Находка недели: Очки Ray-Ban Kalichrome. Изображение № 3.


1960's 58MM VINTAGE

Цена: $219,99

Винтажные очки 1960-х годов в идеальном состоянии. 


  Находка недели: Очки Ray-Ban Kalichrome. Изображение № 4.


1960's 12KGF 8mm

Цена: $269,99

Еще одна винтажная модель из США с небольшими дефектами (что, впрочем, не критично для их возраста, как уверяет продавец) и «пулевым отверстием» между линзами. В комплекте с оригинальным кожаным чехлом. 


  Находка недели: Очки Ray-Ban Kalichrome. Изображение № 5.


Kalichrome Outdoorsman 62mm

Цена: $91

Подержанные очки с чехлом родом из Германии. Состояние близко к идеальному, как и цена. 


  Находка недели: Очки Ray-Ban Kalichrome. Изображение № 6.


1960's VINTAGE 1/30 10K

Цена: $300

Также винтажные очки из США в хорошем состоянии с резиновыми зацепками на уши.




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